The story of Transit City Condos & VMC

Imagine being able to build a downtown core from scratch… well it all started with a phone call… members of the TTC head office called Mitch Goldhar to enquire about using his lands in Vaughan for a future subway station. That sparked an idea, one of great magnitude, one that would affect the fate of Vaughan for decades to come. VMC was born. What is VMC? Dubbed the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, the city of Vaughan faces a unique timeless opportunity to create a new happening dynamic municipal intensification. The unification of a growing city, that is how the mayor of Vaughan, Maurizio Bevilacqua, describes the process of creating a true downtown Vaughan. VMC has now evolved and will encompass master planned community, with everything that one could imagine a true downtown should have. Within the next 20-plus years some 35,000 people will live and work in the VMC. It is one of two Urban Growth Centres outside of Toronto that is growing exponentially.

The VMC is the largest new land development in Canada and the second largest in North America. In a mere 5-6 years more than 5000 people will be living in the VMC.The culmination of years of planning, consulting and 179 hectareworking with landowners, developers and city officials jointly established this one of a kind mixed-use project. The city of Vaughan has plans to create a downtown feel providing diverse opportunities for working, living, learning, shopping, recreation, leisure and culture. VMC will become a vibrant, modern urban centre for residents and businesses for an overall enhanced community. From inspiring multi-use office towers, residences, open green space and urban squares, pedestrian shopping areas and restaurants, to walking and cycling paths. All coexisting with some of the most technologically advanced sustainable buildings in the world.

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