Top Toronto Events in January 2019

It’s 2019! And that only means that there are a ton of new and exciting events you can look forward to in Toronto. That said, here are the top events you don’t want to miss in Toronto this January:


  1. Winterlicious

Top Toronto Events In January 2019

Winterlicious is Toronto’s winter culinary celebration which includes over 200 top restaurants and a dozen culinary events all throughout the city. Set between January 25 and February 7, the Winterlicious is an event you surely don’t want to miss, especially if you’re a lover of everything culinary.


  1. Interior Design Show

Top Toronto Events In January 2019

The Interior Design Show is the biggest exhibition in Canada which is going to be held on January 17 to 20. The event will witness the gathering of famous architects and designers from all around the globe, each of them eager to showcase their craft and exhibits to the world.

This is no doubt the perfect place to go if you’re into art adventure or what to explore something new.


  1. Winter Craft Beer Festival

Top Toronto Events In January 2019

Set on January 26, the Beer Festival is an event which is made for the beer enthusiast. It’s an outdoor festival which aims to offset the cold by offering you alcohol and warm, mouthwatering delicacies.

The event will feature more than 40 breweries who are all willing to let you sample their beer crafts. There’ll also be a campfire where you and friends can roast marshmallows and engage in memorable stories and dance parties. With tickets available for only $25 and $30, this is certainly an event you don’t want to miss at the start of the year.


  1. Come Up To My Room

Top Toronto Events In January 2019

Come Up To My Room is an art event featuring artists and designers who will transform and decorate the rooms of the Gladstone Hotel for a 4-day immersive viewing. Between January 17 and 20, you can get to witness exquisite and wonderful art installations inside the rooms of the hotel.

This event will include 50 participants who will all work on 20 different projects to provide the visitors with a memorable art experience. If you’re into works of art, make sure you don’t miss this event.


  1. Dance Weekend

Top Toronto Events In January 2019

Organized for the dance lovers, Dance Weekend is a mesmerizing and wonderful event that will surely capture the dance lover in you. The event features globally-inspired dance performances from 25 professional companies. The event lasts from January 26 to 27 and is donation-based with $15 as the minimum.


  1. Toronto Light Festival

Top Toronto Events In January 2019

The Light Festival is set to last from January 18 to March 3. It will feature an amazing light exhibition which will help warm and light up the cold winter days from January through March.

This event will transform the entire neighborhood into a fantastic open-air gallery with the help of local and international lighting artists.

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