VMC New Condos to Watch in 2019

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As one of Canada’s fastest-growing metropolises, it won’t be for long before Vaughan can achieve its dream of creating a “true downtown”. After all, this has been Vaughan’s vision ever since the city started growing at a very quick pace by the 80s and 90s.

That said, there are a number of developments in the works, and the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre happens to be place where these developments will take place. That said, there are several condominium projects being constructed and are set for initial sales this 2019 along the VMC’s core.

Let’s take a look at some of them:


  1. Transit City 4

Vmc New Condos To Watch In 2019

The Transit City 4 condos are located just east of TC3. It’s basically designed for people looking for a living area which has quick access to the regional transit, subway, and major highways. This simply means that access to various activities like shopping and studying is made quick and easy.

In terms of amenities, TC4 will feature a beautifully landscaped park which allows various outdoor activities you might have in mind. When it comes to condo amenities, the Transit City 4 will feature the first tower housing BUCA branded resto and bar in its lobbies.

Perhaps the best part of living in TC4 is its revolutionary suit which features open floor plans, allowing you to move freely without having to deal with the restriction of having too many walls. There are also custom-designed kitchens, European-inspired bathrooms, and more.


  1. Charisma Condos 2

Vmc New Condos To Watch In 2019

The Charisma Condos 2 is yet another high-rise condominium project which promises a number of exceptional amenities and overall design. Both residents and visitors will have access to a porte-cochere driveway that will make pickups and drop-offs a lot better and convenient especially during harsh weathers.

You’ll also have access to a pet grooming station, theatre room, billiards, and more on the ground floor. There’s even a wide party room for hosting parties and other events.

If you’re more of an outdoor person, the Charisma Condos 2 project also offers a wellness centre and an outdoor pool which are both located on the 7th floor. There you’ll find a yoga studio, a fully equipped gym, and a serenity lounge. If you want to relax, you can simply visit the outdoor pool or hang out in the private lounge area.


  1. Vaughan Metropolitan Centre: Block 3

Vmc New Condos To Watch In 2019

As of now, we don’t have much information regarding another new project which is the VMC Block 3. So far, the only information we can gather is that it will include four towers for mixed-use and is set to be constructed in Commerce Street by the QuadReal Property Group. It will be a total of 50 storeys and can house a total of 1,800 units.

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